Winning tenders is critical to the development and life of your business, but where do you begin?

Time and time again, I see businesses commence bidding for government work only to shy away from submission due to not being ready to go through the process.

Tender Readiness is critical for success in an ever increasing competitive market and there is a plethora of free resources available on various government websites to assist businesses in preparing themselves for the tender process.

Having worked with government procurement processes over a 22 year period, I can honestly say that there are steps businesses can take in advance to enhance their chances of success through a competitive process.

Our top five tips to readiness are:

  1. Conditions of tendering: Ensure you have fully understood the mandatory requirements to tender before spending time and resources preparing your bid. This can include having the necessary insurances in place to protect yourself, the public and the client.
  2. Management Systems: Having in place a robust management system that incorporates the provision of quality, environmental management and work, health and safety goes a long way in a competitive tender process. If your
    business doesn’t  have in place a management system, it would be a good idea to start documenting a policy
    statement showing your commitment to quality, environment and safety.
  3. Experience and Capacity
    (evaluation criteria):
    Make sure you can write a compelling submission against each weighted evaluation criteria. Ensure you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew by selecting tenders that fit within your scope, skills and capacity. Don’t forget
    you must deliver the job according to the contractual specifications.
  4. Value of Money: It is not easy ensuring
    you’re in the ball park when bidding for government work. However, getting this quoting or getting the right price is imperative to bidding in a very competitive market. Do your research and find out what others may charge for similar work.
  5. Know who your competitors are:
    It is so important to know who you are writing your bid against. Do some research on the companies that you think might also tender for the job and write your bid to knock them out of the race.

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