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About Procure Spot

What started as a business idea to decipher government tenders and win new opportunities for businesses has evolved into a central spot for business, consulting, and procurement needs.

Bid managers with decades of experience

We began by helping small businesses compete for government tenders, breaking down the language barrier and helping them understand government processes and selection and evaluation criteria.

As demand for his expertise and advice grew, our director Matthew realised it wasn’t just small business who needed help with the bid management and tender processes. Larger businesses and government were looking for assistance with management systems, internal audits and general business and commercial project development.

Our Services

Procure Spot has done the hard work for you, bringing together a team of professionals and experts across procurement, business and consulting, to deliver a range of services to meet your business and organisational needs.


We provide expert bid management and tender writing solutions for small, medium and large businesses. It’s end-to-end advice and assistance for every client on every bid.


We work with businesses to build and maintain conforming management systems to ISO standards.

Procurement lifecycle management

Our structured procurement life-cycle approach covers the three stages of procurement: plan, source and manage.

Internal audit and certification

Knowing the requirements to attain certification is essential for the survival and prosperity of your business.

Program and project management

We use a range of tools, templates, quality assurance frameworks combined with flexibility designed to match your specific needs.


Industry insights and competitor analysis are an essential element to winning through any procurement process. Our procurement analytics reporting capability allows you to make informed bid strategy decisions.


We work with businesses, government agencies and local government who struggle with the disruptive forces of technology and data management.

Robotic Process Automation

We work with government, local councils and small businesses using Robotic process automation (RPA) to automate and streamline business and IT processes.

Our Team

Our team are experts at what they do, from business development, strategic and commercial project management, digital transformation to data and analytics.

Matthew Armour

Founder and Director

Matthew leads Procure Spot with more than 20 years’ experience in senior management. His portfolio includes managing high priority strategic projects for Federal and State governments, non-government organisations and the private sector.

Matthew is our resident expert in online development applications, planning reform, commercial and strategic bid management, procurement lifecycle and risks.


Rebecca Bugeja

Operations and Finance

Rebecca brings almost a decade of experience as an operations manager for private financial institutions.

Rebecca’s areas of expertise include client relationships, developing and implementing processes, contracts and accounts management, finance and account keeping, marketing and CRM design development.


Carlo Piloto

Data and IT

Every team needs a data and IT guru and Carlo is ours. Carlo has more than 12 years’ experience managing data and IT in the public and private sectors.

Carlo is a senior software engineer with experience in database management, web application development and deployment. He is responsible for front-end website architecture and back end website application.


Tony Gargan

Business and Management Consultant

Tony has extensive experience in senior executive and leadership positions in the public and private sectors. His roles include corporate performance and management, policy development and service delivery strategy.

Tony’s expertise covers data analytics and research, e-commerce developments, digital transformation and managed corporate geo-spatial data platforms.


Sean Reynolds

Digital Asset Management and Bid Consultant

With an impressive asset management background, Sean manages our digital asset management projects and works with clients on bid management.

In addition to digital asset management, Sean is experienced in data analytics and research, asset management, project and bid management.



The team at Procure Spot have been an integral part of
 our tender writing team. Their extensive knowledge has
 allowed us to understand the key requirements of bid
writing and successfully implementing,
 drafting and submitting tenders an

Coraline Dufroux

Managing Director | Innova Service Group

 As a small business looking to strengthen our
competitiveness in government, Procure Spot has provided us with
insights and skills to track and manage all our tendering work.
Procure Spot has also assisted us with building a pipeline of
opportunities and coached us in making the right Go/No-Go decision on 
which contract to tender for. 

Jim Hill

Director | Nepean Solar Solutions Pty Ltd

 As an NGO in the Community and Social Services 
Sector, Procure Spot help us find tenders appropriate for 
the work we do in, assess whether they're right for us
and help us manage the whole tender process all
the way through to lodgement. 

Joanne Hall

Pathfinders Limited

It's been a pleasure collaborating with Matthew 
and the skilful team at Procure Spot.
They've been incredibly helpful, flexible and
understanding and taken the time to comprehend all aspects 
of our business and expertise.

Johanna Bredberg

Project Manager | Alphabet Studio

News and Updates

Keep up-to-date with business development news!

In a constantly changing business environment, it’s crucial to keep up-to-date with news, developments, research and insights. Changes in government policy and processes can have an impact on your business. Knowing what they are and how to plan for them is essential.

We keep up-to-date with what’s happening cross all industries and levels of government. We’ll also share our expertise across bid management strategy, project management, data analytics and more.

We’ll share content we know you’re interested in, as well as webinars and workshops we’re involved with.

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