Unlimited access to all documents, policies, procedures and checklists for any management system. It's like having your very own library 24/7.
Analysing and enhancing existing business processes to achieve enhanced efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.
Offering comprehensive advice, assistance and solutions for small, medium and not-for-profit businesses on every tender bid.
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Procure Spot's very own AI platform to help you navigate, track and source Government tendering opportunities all in one central spot!
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Our Services

Procure Spot has done the hard work for you, bringing together a team of professionals and experts across procurement, business and consulting, to deliver a range of services to meet your business and organisational needs.

We provide expert tender management and tender writing solutions for small, medium and large businesses. It’s end-to-end advice and assistance for every client on every tender.

ISO Consulting
& Library

We work with businesses to build and maintain conforming management systems. Our e-commerce store provides unlimited access to all documents, policies, procedures, checklists and more.


Our proven methodology assists businesses to optimise their operations, boost efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. This optimisation leads to increased productivity, reduced costs, and faster turnaround times.

Business Scaling
& Coaching

Our very own online SaaS platform ScaleTrac, designed to help businesses streamline their scaling efforts and achieve remarkable growth all on one single platform.

Tender Alerts &

Imagine receiving alerts when new tender opportunities come to market whilst at the same time accessing insights into government spending. Bidio is an online procurement portal which helps you track, navigate and source business opportunities.

A free
guide to tendering

Our online course guide covers a range of topics to guide you through the entire tender process, starting with understanding whether your business is ready to tender for a government contract, how to find opportunities, preparing and lodging a bid, obtaining feedback, and how to identify future opportunities.

We are brilliant at what we do!

We’re a professional services consultancy firm with over 30+ years experience, working with a team of highly-skilled and sought after consultants.

Our team includes consultants in:

• commercial and strategic project management,
• procurement lifecycle management,
• data analytics and research,
• digital transformation,
• tender management, and
• asset management.

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Our Affiliations

Procure Spot proudly holds affiliations with reputable industries and government agencies. We are committed to staying at the forefront of advancements and best practices.

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