Small Business Commission

Small Business Commission

Procure Spot was engaged by the NSW Small Business Commission to develop a ‘how to’ guide for small businesses interested in tendering and supplying goods and services to the NSW Government.

The intention of the guide was to provide small businesses with information on how to access the various opportunities to supply to the NSW Government and guidance on how to navigate the prequalification and tendering processes.

The NSW Small Business Commission was seeking content from a proven supplier who had experience in successfully winning NSW Government business as a small business or in successfully advising small businesses on winning opportunities to supply to the NSW Government. Procure Spot was chosen from the pool of tenderers to supply this work.

We were tasked with drafting and developing content for the 24-40 page ‘how to’ guide, covering relevant topics for the end-to-end tendering process. The content provided was to be in plain English and was also to include images and design layout.

We included the following topics in the guide: how to find opportunities, registering for prequalification schemes, drafting capability statements, making the decision whether to submit a tender or not, preparing a tender submission, mandatory conditions of tendering, contract considerations, and obtaining feedback. The guide also included Procure Spot’s tender readiness checklist to make the process easier and clearer for small businesses.

Procure Spot supplied content to the NSW Small Business Commission on time and to a high standard. The content was revised and approved, and formed the basis of the final guide, ‘Selling to the NSW Government – A Guide for Small Business’.

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