Workplace Bullying Procedure 202


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The Workplace Bullying Procedure is essential for any business committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace where workers are treated fairly and respectfully.

Workplace bullying is a risk to health and safety. It is important that businesses proactively manage workplace bullying in order to prevent an incident from occurring, and to have the appropriate procedures in place to respond quickly and effectively to an incident.

The policy encompasses full-time, part-time, casual employees and anyone performing work in connection with the business. It extends to all functions and places that are work related. It outlines the business’s and employees’ legal responsibilities under Occupational Health and Safety legislation and includes strategies for preventing and resolving workplace bullying.

The Workplace Bullying Procedure ensures that:

  • employees and businesses understand their legal and moral obligations
  • workplace bullying is comprehensively understood
  • appropriate steps are taken to prevent workplace bullying
  • common risk factors are taken into consideration
  • a complaint procedure is in place
  • workplace participants know how to confront and report an issue
  • informal and formal complaint procedures are understood
  • business understands how to correctly deal with complaints, and
  • managers, supervisors and participants understand their role.

The procedure works in conjunction with:

  • 504 – Toolbox Meeting Form
  • 507 – Issue Resolution Form
  • 523 – OHS Meeting Form
  • REGISTER – Events Register
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