Staff Recruitment Procedure 216


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A staff recruitment procedure can help propel a business tremendously. It helps to figure out what your goal is by hiring for this position and how to choose the best candidate for the proposed role. There are an infinite number of reasons why businesses should strive to attract the best employees possible. The right employees will increase productivity, boost team morale, foster business growth, protect the business’s image and support safe work environments.

The Staff Recruitment Procedure details the different ways to effectively advertise jobs, including both internal and external advertising. It provides managers with the knowledge and tools they need to choose the best possible candidate for the role.

To ensure that businesses know how to effectively advertise, attract and select the right employees, the Staff Recruitment Procedure covers the following areas:

  • responsibilities
  • pre-recruitment activities
  • promotions
  • internal and external advertising
  • screening applicants
  • conducting interviews
  • reference checking
  • new-starter paperwork
  • records and correspondence, and
  • the staff recruitment policy.

The procedure works in conjunction with:

  • 532 – Company Manual Acknowledgement
  • 533 – Training Attendance Form
  • REGISTER – Training and Induction Register
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