Plant and Machinery Policy 123


  • Complies with current regulations and legislation
  • Instantly downloadable document
  • Add to any management system
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word and editable to add your brand logo and colours
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This simple and versatile Plant and Machinery policy outlines a businesses moral and legal responsibility to ensure all plant and machinery operated by employees and contractors are provided and maintained in a safe condition.

Key components of this plant and machinery policy include:

  • Responsibilities of senior management,
  • Ensuring employees and contractors are licensed and fully trained to operate machinery,
  • Appropriate personal protection clothing and equipment,
  • Appropriate pre-start checklist, and
  • Risk management.

This plant and machinery policy establishes guidelines and protocols to ensure machinery and equipment are used efficiently, safely and in accordance with industry standards and regulations.

Additionally, it guides employees and contractors in their responsibilities and informs them of the businesses policy and procedures relating to machinery and equipment.

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