Information Security Communication Plan Policy 143


  • Complies with current regulations and legislation
  • Instantly downloadable document
  • Add to any management system
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word and editable to add your brand logo and colours

This versatile Information Security Communication Plan Policy defines the considerations and steps to be used when communicating confidential and sensitive information to internal and external parties.

It is simple and easy to use and ensures a clear and consistent approach regarding protocols and procedures.

The Information Security Communication Plan Policy includes a detailed communication plan to assists business to consider:

  • Actions related to continuous improvement,
  • Coordination of activities,
  • Project timelines,
  • Objectives,
  • Scope and boundaries,
  • Evidence of control,
  • Incident reports, and
  • Confidentiality agreements.

Under current legislation and cybersecurity laws, all businesses should have in place procedures and policies for protecting sensitive information and communicating them to staff and contractors accordingly.

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