Incident Investigation and Reporting Procedure 221


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Incident investigation and reporting are vital components of work health and safety. Reporting incidents promptly means that affected employees can receive appropriate care in a timely and efficient manner. It also means that an investigation can be conducted sooner.

The primary goal of Incident Investigations and Reporting Procedure is to determine the root cause of the incident and to implement effective control measures that can prevent or eliminate the hazard. It is important that an investigation is conducted before work in the area resumes, to determine whether the site is safe.

The Incident Investigations and Reporting Procedure outlines the different types of incidents and the responsibilities of the business, management, supervisors, employees and contractors. It explains in-depth the seven-step procedure to ensure that incidents are dealt with properly.

The Incident Investigation and Reporting Procedure ensures that:

  • responsibilities concerning incidents are understood,
  • appropriate and immediate action is taken in the event of an incident,
  • the incident is reported promptly,
  • the details of the incident are reported to WorkSafe,
  • a thorough investigation is undertaken,
  • corrective actions are implemented to prevent recurrence,
  • management calculate the potential cost of the incident or injury,
  • a root cause analysis (RCA) is conducted, and
  • required forms are completed and recorded.
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