Dispute Procedure 218


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Having a dispute procedure in place is crucial for businesses that are committed to creating a safe and healthy environment for all employees and contractors. It ensures that all disputes that may arise are dealt with in a fair, equal and timely manner.

Provided that an effective Dispute Procedure is in place, businesses can often resolve disputes internally and successfully. The primary purpose of the Dispute Procedure is to outline the specific steps that should be taken when dealing with a complaint.

The Dispute Procedure includes a four-step process for employees to follow if they believe that they have been subjected to discrimination or harassment. It also includes the resolution process and possible outcomes.

The Dispute Procedure clearly explains:

  • responsibilities of management, staff and contractors
  • employees’ process to resolve an incident
  • the resolution process if a complaint has been substantiated
  • the resolution process if a complaint has not been substantiated, and
  • the resolution process if a complaint has been found to be false/frivolous.

The procedure operates in conjunction with:

  • FORM_504 – Toolbox Meeting Form
  • REGISTER – Events Register
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