Customer Complaints Procedure 219


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At some stage almost every business will receive a customer complaint. By having a Customer Complaints Procedure in place, businesses can deal with complaints in a positive and productive manner.

While receiving complaints may not be enjoyable, they can serve as valuable opportunities for identifying areas in which a business can improve. An effective Complaint Procedure can ensure that the customer’s concerns are addressed and resolved. Customers whose complaints are handled efficiently are much more likely to return and often become loyal customers.

Customer complaints can help businesses identify areas where improvements can be made, such as product quality, service quality or customer service. Complaints can also alert businesses to potential hazards, providing an opportunity to take proactive measures to prevent a future incident.

The Customer Complaints Procedure ensures that employees and contractors:

  • listen openly to the complainant
  • accurately record the details of the complaint
  • discuss options to fix the issue
  • act quickly
  • keep promises to resolve issues, and
  • follow up with the customer.

The Customer Complaints Procedure operates in conjunction with:

  • FORM_504 – Toolbox Meeting Form
  • REGISTER – Events Register
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