Consultation Procedure 203


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The purpose of this procedure is to provide a clear framework for consultation, communication, and employee representation on health and safety matters.

As workers are more commonly exposed to workplace hazards, it is crucial that they are consulted in order to maximise work health and safety in the workplace. The Consultation Procedure provides a framework for employees, contractors, subcontractors and visitors to voice any health and safety concerns. The procedure applies to all workplaces, including offices, home offices and client sites.

Communication between managers and employees also encourages the sharing of safety concerns, ideas and recommendations. By drawing on the knowledge and experience of workers, managers can make more informed decisions about how to carry out work safely.

Consultation with workers should occur when:

  • identifying hazards and assessing risks
  • making decisions about ways to eliminate or minimise those risks
  • making decisions about the adequacy of facilities for the welfare of workers, and
  • proposing changes that may affect the health or safety of workers.

The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 requires all employers to consult, so far as is reasonably practicable, with workers who carry out work for the business and who are likely to be directly affected by a health and safety matter.

The Consultation Procedure explains:

  • the benefits of consultation
  • when consultation is required
  • how to consult on health and safety matters
  • the mechanisms of health and safety consultation, and
  • the purpose of health and safety committees (HSC).

The procedure works in conjunction with:

  • 504 – Toolbox Meeting Form
  • 507 – Issue Resolution Form
  • 523 – OHS Meeting Form
  • 518 – Management Review Agenda
  • REGISTER – Events Register
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