Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Procedure 224


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The term “business continuity” and “disaster recovery” are often used together because they encompass both proactive measures to keep vital functions of a business running during an event and reactive measures to recover after a disruption.


This simple and versatile business continuity and disaster recover procedure is a set of documented protocols to assist businesses when faced with disruptive events, whether they are caused by disasters, emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances.


Included in this 22 page  business continuity and disaster recovery procedures are additional checklist to assist with:

  • Immediate actions,
  • Response actions,
  • Essential services,
  • Post incident resources and equipment,
  • Essential IT systems and records,
  • Key contacts and staff details,
  • Plan summary.


Furthermore, the plan will help provide an adequate level of detail used to maintain the business and:

  • To ensure a prepared approach to an emergency/incident.
  • To facilitate an organised and coordinated response to an emergency/incident.
  • To provide an agreed framework within which people can work in a concerted manner to solve problems caused by an emergency/incident.
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