September Edition


As we sweep into September, we’re looking forward to helping our clients reach their goals by the end of the calendar year.

We’ve been particularly excited to work with a number of local councils to improve their Development Application (DA) processes. Word is getting out about how we can help, and we’re seeing the fruits of this work emerge with improved speed and accuracy of DA handling. Read more about our work with the Canada Bay Council below.

We’ve also been keeping a keen eye out for tenders as always. One particular tender caught our interest last month – the Flood Recovery Program with the Aboriginal Housing Office.  Procure Spot has put in a bid for this tender and we hope to receive a successful result in the coming months.

Schemes and grants

Open tenders worth up to $35 billion are available throughout Australia, and governments want small to medium sized businesses to receive their fair share of the pie.

We’re regularly asked, “what is the best way to get into government?”, and our recommendation is to start by applying to a state government prequalification scheme.

Successful appointment to a prequalification scheme means that state government departments and agencies can engage with you directly, outside of the tendering process.

It’s also a great way to promote your services as a preferred supplier to government.

Reach out if you have any queries or require assistance, we’re always happy to help.

All the best for September.

September Edition - 1

Development Application Process Discovery Workshops

In August we commenced working with Canada Bay Council on their Faster Local Approvals Grant Project.

This project was kicked off with Development Application Process Discovery Workshops to understand the current state of play. 

September Edition - 3

We used the workshops to:

  • map the current state processes,

  • analyse and identify opportunities for efficiencies,

  • establish the objectives of the Project Control Group, and

  • facilitate ongoing project and change management.

September Edition - 5

Is this tender right for you?

If you’ve ever applied for a tender, you’ll know how tedious it can be to navigate through the various government portals and to understand the plethora of requirements for each tender.

Amidst all this work, businesses can often miss a vital first step – to check whether the government tender is right for you in the first place.

Our Go/No-Go Checklist is a unique and valuable tool to help businesses decide whether to apply for a tender or not. It is a vital decision that can save businesses time and money, and avoid the hassle of applying for unsuitable tenders.

September Edition - 7


Content Creator and Copywriter

*** Staff Spotlight ***

Steph joined the Procure Spot team in December 2021 as our copywriter. Since joining, she has worked on a range of tenders and is currently working on a website content review project.

Steph is based in Malta so she might be a bit difficult to catch for video calls given the time difference, but she’s available via email anytime. The timing often works out well as her completed work is ready and waiting in inboxes for the Australian morning.

In her downtime, Steph can be found exploring Malta, swimming (except on jellyfish-laden days), and generally enjoying the proximity to other European nations for speedy travel times.

If you have any content writing needs for your business or tender bid, we’ll put you in touch with Steph to work her word wizard ways on your copy.

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