From Government Career to Entrepreneurship: Matt’s Journey with Procure Spot

From Government Career to Entrepreneurship: Matt’s Journey with Procure Spot

After more than two decades of working in the government sector, I transitioned into entrepreneurship at the age of 40. Starting Procure Spot allowed me to follow my passion in work, without compromising my family priorities. As a business owner, I find the greatest fulfillment in pushing boundaries and devising strategies that enhance my clients’ well-being and financial prosperity.

I founded Procure Spot to not only capitalise on my skills in tender writing, bid management and procurement but to comprehensively support various aspects of small and not-for-profit businesses, helping them to win government contracts.

However, I soon recognised the demand for more than just tender writing solutions, so I assembled an exceptional team to address additional needs like ISO Management Systems and content writing. Unfortunately, in 2020 the Covid pandemic had a devastating impact on many small businesses in Australia.

Procure Spot was robust enough to sustain the challenge, but it made me realise that I needed to adopt a more structured approach to ensure our continued growth in this difficult climate.

This led me to seek a structured approach to business scaling, a journey that took a transformative turn when I joined the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and participated in EO’s Accelerator Program. Guided by methodologies such as Scaling Up by Verne Harnish and EOS by Gino Wickman, Procure Spot achieved remarkable growth, witnessing a fivefold increase from 2020 to 2023.

With this newfound knowledge and success, I wanted to design something specifically to provide small businesses with a comprehensive framework to navigate and grow their business effectively. I combined the best methodologies and tools from several successful and strategic scaling programs and created a powerful SaaS platform,

‘In the initial stages, small businesses, much like Procure Spot, commence with a brilliant idea and a lot of passion. Growing or scaling a business offers numerous benefits, however it is vital that businesses approach this process strategically and responsibly’. is on track to launch in 2024 and will simplify and support businesses in their scaling efforts.

To keep up to date with the launch, register your interest here.

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