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We’re excited to announce the launch of our e-commerce store on the Procure Spot website.

The library includes hundreds of template documents such as Environmental policies, Integrated Management Systems, Quality Management System and various WHS documents, which can be amended to suit the specific needs of your business. Documents can also be tailored to add a business’s branding and logo.

All management systems conform to the relevant ISO standards (Quality ISO 9001, Environmental ISO 14001 and OH&S ISO 45001), hence can be utilised by all types of businesses to set up for success.

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Fundraiser for a good cause!

Procure Spot founder Matthew Armour was pleased to attend the annual Pathfinders Pumpkin Run in support of the not-for-profit organisation and long-term client and partner of Procure Spot.

The Pumpkin Run project was created by Pathfinders to support life skills programs for at-risk young people. Young people are encouraged to gain agricultural skills, work experience, and a sense of community by growing and harvesting a crop of pumpkins.

A record-breaking 15 tonnes of pumpkins was grown this year, and all will be donated to charities and community groups to assist with food relief. The Pathfinders team will also travel to Newcastle and Sydney to deliver pumpkins to soup kitchens, nursing home and charities.

Left to Right: Alan Brennan (CEO of Pathfinders) Korrina Schultz (Co-Chair of Pathfinders), Monique Beange (Board Director of Pathfinders), Matthew Armour (Founder and CEO, Procure Spot


Maintaining your ISO Management System after Certification

Achieving ISO certification is a significant accomplishment for any business. However, obtaining certification is just the beginning. Maintaining and sustaining an ISO Management System requires ongoing effort and dedication.

Read our latest blog post to learn six key steps businesses should follow to ensure they effectively maintain their ISO Management System.

The forgotten third factor in your procurement capability

Written by Tony Gargan

Most of the clients we work with at Procure Spot have a firm idea of how to make procurement decisions and run procurement processes.

While there are challenges that may arise in every significant procurement process, our experience is that it is most often a third factor that leads to poor investment decisions and ineffective outcomes.

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